Step by step guide to making a TwentyTen child theme

Step 1: Create the child

Open your text editor, make a new file, and paste the following into it:

Theme Name: Child theme of Twenty Ten
Theme URI:
Description: Child Theme for Demo Purposes or whatever you want as a description
Author: <em>[insert your name]</em>
Author URI: <em>[insert your url]</em>
Template: twentyten
Version: 0.1
@import url("../twentyten/style.css");


  • The name of the stylesheet —style.css— is important. The child theme will not be recognized by WordPress unless a file with this exact name is in the directory.
  • The part between /* and */, the comments, is how WordPress identifies the theme.
  • The Template line is important, since it declares the parent theme. The parent must be declared by the name of its directory exactly as you see it.
  • The @import rule must precede all other rules.
  • Save your file as style.css in a new folder (i.e. example child).
  • Upload your child folder on the server.
  • You should now see the child theme in your admin under Appearances > Themes
  • Activate your child theme

Since we haven’t added any styles, your site should look the same as when the Twenty Ten theme was applied.

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