Build a simple custom theme – Part 1

Step 6: Remove the page title

Navigating to one of your page, you’ll notice that the title of your page appears at the top of the content and in the navigation. But what if you wanted to have a different, perhaps longer title on each page? One solution for this (and there are many) is to remove the call that displays the title in your page.php template and insert headings via the admin.

I find this solution very convenient for clients. They understand headings and are quite happy to insert these while inserting the rest of their content.

Open up page.php and remove the line (line #11) which has:

<h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1>

Of course, now you’ll need to go in your admin and insert headings for each page. Have a look at the final site again and see what my headings looks like.

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