Enhance your custom theme – Part 2

This website was created as part of a WordPress course provided by WP yogi.

The goal of this class is to introduce designers to WordPress and show them how it can be used as a CMS. During the tutorial students will be shown how to go from a PSD to a final theme. The starter theme used for this tutorial is the BLM basic starter theme.

The tutorial provided to create this website can be found at http://www.wpyogi.com/2011/09/enhance-your-custom-theme/ and is the second tutorial in the series. Part 1 can be found at: http://www.wpyogi.com/2011/04/build-a-simple-custom-theme/

You may download the theme and PSD to create this site at: https://github.com/crondeau/WP-Yogi-Enhanced-theme

If you are a teacher and would like the course slides and material, feel FREE to grab it here.