Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class for?

This course was designed for graphic and web designers who want to learn how to create websites using WordPress as a CMS. Child theming is also examined during this course, but the bulk of the class (90%) deals with building custom WordPress sites.

How much HTML and CSS do I need to know?

This course assumes that you know your HTML and CSS inside out. Floating divs, using @font-face, adding rounded corners and creating drop shadows using CCS3 are second nature to you. And you LOVE solving puzzles.

Can we use any theme as a starting theme?

As a teacher it’s always easier to start with something simple and build on it. When I was first asked to teach, I created my basic starter theme, with the aim to have a base that was clean, simple and easy to understand. When building custom themes, you can start with whatever theme you want, but the instructions I’ve prepared, use my basic theme.

Why are you not using HTML5?

I started teaching a couple of years ago and have not converted my theme to HTML5 yet. It’s on my to-do list and I’ll get around to it.

I’ve updated my starter theme and the tutorials up to part 4 are in HTML 5. I still have to do lesson 7 and the last tutorial, but I’m almost there.