Teaching Material

The teaching material provided in this website is to accompany the classes I teach at Langara College and BCIT. These classes are different, Langara runs once a week for 12 weeks while BCIT is an intense 30 hour week, but overall the material taught is the same.

My slides are split into 6 lessons and 3 PSDs. Some lessons will of course take a bit longer and as you progress through the class, you might introduce a plugin here, a different way to do this. Because WordPress is so powerful and allows you to build anything, there is NO one way to teach. Thus, feel free to download the material and tweak whatever you want to suit your needs.

The curriculum covers:

Lesson 1: Introduction to WordPress
Lesson 2: WordPress templates, themes and child themes
Lesson 3: Custom themes
Lesson 4: Advanced theming techniques
Lesson 5: Template customization
Lesson 6: Custom post types

Please note: As with any course material, the content may change. I will do my best to ensure that all information is accurate, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you would have any advice, questions or would like to contribute.